Island of Averis

The Temple of Rest
Mirror mirror on the wall...

The Temple of Rest tested the party on creativity, filled with illusory puzzles and cryptic riddles. After many trials, the party received a pair of bracers… but as soon as they picked them up a familiar laugh filled the cavern.

Ander is at level 12, and currently has 8 AP towards level 13.

Treebeard is at level 12, and currently has 3 AP towards level 13.

Torax is at level 12, and currently has 7 AP towards level 13.

Blargh is at level 11, and currently has 11 AP towards level 12.

Granny is at level 11, and currently has 11 AP towards level 12.

Dark Water
Invention of the motorboat!

The party has been told to catch a water elemental. There was a lot of planning to figure out how to do this- what ended up happening was Torax used his breath weapon to create glass, and then a spell to shaped the glass into a dome with a hole in the top that would later be sealed by the same magic. The idea was to force the elemental inside the dome and trap it inside.

While all this was happening, Icaria flew out to the ocean to help look for an elemental with Ander. Ander noticed the farther he got from land, the more he saw some kind of pollution in the water- almost like living oil. When Icaria flew close to the water surface to talk to Ander, this "Dark Water" viciously attacked her and dragged her under in an attempt to drown her. The party then used various spells to fly out to Ander and help fight this Dark Water. Treebeard brought the dome of glass with him when you went to save Icaria, and the party managed to force the Dark Water inside the container and seal it. Ander also placed a spell on the dome so that if it were to break, an ice spell would be cast instantly to freeze the Dark Water.

When brought to the boat mechanic that Shady Shin told you about, he said that the Dark Water would serve the same purpose as an elemental and quickly set up the auto powered boat. It wasn't an elemental, and no one seemed to know what it was, but the townsfolk claim that this Dark Water has been attacking ships and sinking them. A few nights later the party took the boat out to an island that rose from the ocean. It looks like the tip of a Mayan pyramid, covered in seaweed and barnacles. The entrance is damp and cold, and the scent of death emanates from inside…

Ander is at level 12, and currently has 0 AP towards level 13.

Treebeard is at level 11, and currently has 8 AP towards level 12.

Torax is at level 11, and currently has 11.25 AP towards level 12.

Blargh is at level 11, and currently has 2 AP towards level 12.

Granny is at level 11, and currently has 2 AP towards level 12.

Sumo Elves
Draco got slammed. Twice.

After leaving the Temple of Spirit, the party went to the fishing community of Strin. A respectably sized town, Strin is known for trade and commerce- a good place to rent a boat to find the Temple of Rest. At some point the party was approached by an elf they nicknamed shady Shin. He made a deal with the party- they would take a challenge in the local town, and in return Shin would give them information about the Temple of Rest… and some gold. The local challenge turned out to be a sumo wrestling contest with elvish monks, which the party eagerly participated in- and won. More peculiar than the rotund elves was the fact that the local temple they worshiped in was dedicated to Averis, and Icaria was welcomed in her full glory with no questions asked. 

Shady Shin paid the party well, and told them that the Temple of Rest was only accessible twice a month. It would rise above the water on the nights of the full and new moons, but to get there in time the party would be required to capture a water elemental to power some sort of boat…

Ander is at level 10, and currently has 3 AP towards level 12.

Treebeard is at level 10, and currently has 0 AP towards level 12.

Torax is at level 10, and currently has 3.25 AP towards level 12.

Blargh is at level 9, and currently has 1 AP towards level 11.

Granny is at level 9, and currently has 0 AP towards level 11.

Temple of Spirit
..deep...... roots.................

Quickly organizing priorities, the party first restored Icaria to health with a swift casting of Dispel Magic, followed by an organized search for the Temple of Spirit. Along the way Keynerk sent two animal messengers- one to an undisclosed location, and the other to the supposed burial site of Averis. 

The Temple of Spirit was found after solving a detailed puzzle involving shining rune stones- it had sunk into the ground deep beneath a large tree. After killing the temple's sole inhabitant, a massive wasp, the walls and floors collapsed to an even deeper cavern formed out of roots. 

It was here that Treebeard met his brother, Deeproots. Deeproots was stabbed through the trunk with a large black claw that radiated disease and evil intent. Deeproots accused Treebeard of abandoning him- strangely familiar words- before Treebeard removed the claw and destroyed it.

The evil disease in the forest is now slowly healing, and after a few days of intense healing Deeproots is now stable and much more himself. He gave the party the Temple of Spirit's artifact, a black crystal flower. It's properties are currently unknown. Deeproots told the party he would rest in the woods and help cure the disease, and gave the advice that they move to the Temple of Rest or the Temple of Bone.


Ander is at level 10, and currently has 9 AP towards level 11.

Treebeard is at level 10, and currently has 7 AP towards level 11.

Torax is at level 10, and currently has 9.25 AP towards level 11.

Blargh is at level 9, and currently has 6 AP towards level 10.

Granny is at level 9, and currently has 3 AP towards level 10.

A Dark Disease

After the meeting with the king of Narha, the party hurried northward to find Del and the source of his cryptic cry for help. As they journeyed, they discovered that the forest was sick- and this sickness appeared to get stronger the deeper into the woods they traveled. After a couple days, the party members also began to be affected- some felt dizzy or light headed, and Torax fell into a coma.

Soon after they arrived at a city built naturally into the forest, and were horrified to see the bodies of Cedric, Del, and Ea hanging from the front gates. An elf and a half-elf were also staring with shock at the bodies, and when the party approached them the elf recognized them. Suspicious, the two strangers were brought into a cellar to be questioned. They introduced themselves as Blargh and "Granny". At this point Torax awoke from his coma screaming and attacked the newcomers, claiming that the party was not safe. It took considerable effort to subdue him, and when he had finally calmed down Icaria showed Ander the vision that Torax saw. A temporary alliance was then made with the newcomers until the party could figure out what was going on with the forest and why Del was killed.

When asking villagers about the execution, all they were told was that Del was a traitor who had attempted to kill the queen long ago before disappearing. When the party gave the three deceased friends a burial the villagers watched with hostility. After the burial Icaria started walking towards the city center, claiming that something was "wrong with the magic." She stopped in front of a desecrated statue of Averis and seemed confused about where to go next. Before she could figure it out, the elves of the city approached the party, eyes and veins filled with pure black. A fight quickly ensued, and it was clear that the elves were targeting Icaria. She flew away in a panic, and as Torax and Blargh destroyed the majority of elves Ander rushed after Icaria. He managed to dispatch the elves closest to her with Granny's help, but Icaria was somehow possessed by the magical disease in the process. 

The party now must find the source of the disease, which they suspect lies northward in a Temple of Spirit…

Ander is at level 10, and currently has 1 AP towards level 11.

Treebeard is at level 10, and currently has 0 AP towards level 11.

Torax is at level 10, and currently has 1 AP towards level 11.

Blargh is at level 8, and currently has 5 AP towards level 9.

Granny is at level 8, and currently has 5 AP towards level 9.

Special Short Story: Torax
Happy birthday Jonas

Once upon a time, there was a red dragonborn named Torax. He was pretty buff, and polished his scales every day so they sparkled for the ladies. He spent a lot of time playing his drums and practicing fighting. Unfortunately, there was another dragonborn in Torax's clan named Firrkrag, who was at least twice as buff and for some reason way shinier. None of the ladies wanted to be with Torax when they could be with Firrkrag, leader of the clan, even though OBVIOUSLY Torax was way more… something. (He had a GREAT personality, after all.) So Torax set out for revenge. He went out into the woods and gathered as many bush krill as he could, and stored them in a bag. Then he found a little girl and took some feathers from her, and had her help him "paint" some red symbols on the ground, performing an occult solo with his drums to summon a whale. He used the magic feathers to gift the whale flight, and the whale promised to give Torax a favor in return, then went on his way. Next, Torax hand crafted a ballista from the body of an ancient friend, who perhaps he would have met in another life. Since he had no idea how to carve things, he convinced a small halfling to carve it for him, after some HANDy negotiations. (Or lack of. The carving took about twice as long, but Torax was patient.) The wood was magical, and when Torax was happy with the result he went on his way. He summoned his flying whale and equipped it with the magical ballista, then returned to the mountain his clan was from. He found Firrkrag doing pushups with one arm, while balancing two beautiful dragonborn women on the other arm, all without breaking a sweat. Torax played his drums angrily, then shot the ballista at Firrkrag, hitting him with a magical bolt. There's no way it would have done enough damage to kill him, but the ballista WAS magic- upon impact, Firrkrag's muscle withered away and he gained 70 years of age, turning into a whizened old man. The dragonborn ladies screamed. Torax swooped down majestically to scoop them up, scales glimmering. He was still playing his drum, but epically this time. The old Firrkrag snarled at him. Torax punched him in the face.

Randion Aeralond
The King of Narha

Arriving at the capital city, Torax, Draco, Ander, Treebeard, and Icaria were questioned by guards and found rather suspicious- when specifics of their travel were asked for, it became obvious that they were not from Narha and were taken into custody for further investigation. After Icaria revealed herself as an Avariel, the shocked guards took the party to see the king, Randion Aeralond- Del's father and a suspected traitor of Averis.

To their shock, when Randion met with them he revealed himself to be an Avariel, explaining that his trusted friend Daeven had impersonated him to murder the winged elves. Randion suspects that Daeven also lied to Del to lead the people against him and further undermine the Avariel and Averis' protective spell, and returned to murder his wife, the Queen. 

Randion asked the party to retrieve the location of some artifacts from a appointed protector a day's travel away, in hopes that these artifacts (if retrieved) will strengthen the protective spell on Narha despite the lack of Avariel. The party agreed, but when they made the journey they found that the protector had been driven mad. Instead of helping them, he attacked them, screaming about visions and voices. The party was able to subdue the madman and found a bloodied map with the locations of the artifacts.

When they returned to the capital, they didn't mention the map to the King, instead asking him to heal the mad protector. Randion's clerics failed, informing the party a few days later that the magic on his mind intended to help heal him instead killed him. The party reluctantly left the capital then, claiming that a medallion of Averis will guide them to the artifacts if they are meant to be found. The King accepts this, asking in parting that if the group finds his son, they tell him what they learned here.

Torax cast Sending to tell Iago that they would not be meeting at the rendevous point that week, and then cast it again to tell Del the same thing. Del in turn told the party that he had been captured, and asked for their help.

Del is at level 8, and currently has 4 AP towards level 9.

Ander is at level 9, and currently has 5 AP towards level 10.

Treebeard is at level 9, and currently has 1 AP towards level 10.

Torax is at level 9, and currently has 6 AP towards level 10.

Arrival on Narha
Iago takes a nap

After a day of inter-planar travel, the party emerged above Narha, the island of Averis. A beautiful crescent-moon shaped land mass, it became clear the Narha was much larger than anyone had previously assumed, presenting a wide variety of terrain- including mountains, deserts, and plains. Iago began to sink, due to his exhaustion, and it was quickly decided that he should land near a small peninsula between the mountains and plains. 

With no map, the party was forced to pick blindly where to go- or at least, without confirmation of any solid locations. Icaria used her ability of flight and claimed to see a village south in the plains, while Del grew uncomfortable and tried to persuade the party to go northwest towards the mountains instead. A debate ensued, during which Ander attempted to sneak away. Icaria caught him before he made twenty paces, clutching his hand and begging him not to go. He admitted that he felt his presence was endangering the party, but Treebeard and Torax also protested his departure- and so he was convinced to stay, for now.

Del would not be convinced to head south, where he explained the Capital, and his father, resided. He, Cedric, and Ea opted to head to the mountains while the rest of the party went south, with the plan to rejoin at this peninsula in a week or two. Iago stayed behind to rest, and plans to circle the island until he rejoins the party (hopefully).

The village Icaria noticed was a few days walk away, but the party encountered no troubles and it was almost a pleasant journey, aside from Ander's sullen and withdrawn state. The village, Prin, was quickly recognized as a shepard town- sheep flocked the plains around wood-carved buildings, and while the population largely consisted of elves the unusual party was welcomed with open arms. An innkeeper named Liadel was especially welcoming, explaining that travelers are very rare anywhere on the island. The party made themselves comfortable, integrating well with the people, and gave a sweeping performance once evening fell that made them fast celebrities.

The following morning, the mayor of Prin approached the party and requested that they perform again at a festival that would occur that same day around noon. The party accepted, although after some discussion with other residents of the village they found that no one had heard of this festival previously. Suspicions raised, the party still went ahead with the plan to perform, although they kept a sharp eye out for any kind of attack. 

Despite their hectic morning, the villagers seemed to enjoy this festival, losing themselves in the dancing and music with laughter and smiles. Only Icaria and Treebeard noticed as a mysterious thumping began to cause small tremors in the ground. The two quickly arranged for a change of musicians, and soon the party set out to discover the source of the noise while the festivities continued without them. 

The thumpings were coming from the east outskirts of the town, towards the nearest coast. Past the homely buildings a graveyard quickly came into view, where a large and elaborately carved obelisk was broken open at the base. Rushing forward, the party saw two masked figures in a short tunnel, breaking open the rock seal that protected the tombs below. Torax wasted no time in firing his clawshot at the smaller of the two figures- unfortunately, his shot was too powerful and it killed the smaller man on impact. The other figure was so surprised at the intrusion that he slipped and smashed his own face with his sledgehammer, also dying instantly. 

After a moment of quiet shock the party removed the masks of the intruders, revealing the mayor and an unknown man. After a short debate, Icaria confessed she could sense evil from the tomb. Treebeard wanted to explore the dark tunnel, while Torax and Draco adamantly refused due to a previous track record of "creepy holes in the ground". Eventually Treebeard was convinced, and Torax left to retrieve Liadel and show him what had happened.

Liadel brought help to fill in the tomb, repairing the stone with magic, and thanked the party thoroughly. The obelisk was revealed to be a resting place for great leaders of Prin, buried with their magic items. Liadel told the party that the mayor's corpse would not be laid to rest in this tomb, and as a reward gave them horses to use on their travel to the capital the next morning. He also passed on the advice that the party should seek the help of the king, speaking highly of him and recounting how he has helped even the lowest citizens with their problems.

The previously unheard of festival was adopted as a new celebration of life, in honor of the celebrity party of bards (and their deeds). Liadel was named the new mayor, and as they set out the next morning for the capital, all seemed bright for our party…

Del is at level 8, and currently has 3 AP towards level 9.

Ander is at level 9, and currently has 2 AP towards level 10.

Treebeard is at level 8, and currently has 7 AP towards level 9.

Torax is at level 9, and currently has 1 AP towards level 10.

Taking the Fort
(And the whale)

With eyes set on a new mode of magical transportation, the party stormed Hector's defenses, easily dispatching minimum-wage guards and ballista.  Minor injuries were sustained by all, including Icaria, but magic soon fixed what a bandage couldn't. Triumphant, Torax spoke with the whale, who introduced himself as Iago. Iago was transformed by Hector years, perhaps decades ago, into his current whale form, and has been bound by magic in his service ever since. In exchange for his freedom, Iago agreed to take the party to Narha- the island of Averis. 

Ea began working a counterspell, giving the party some time to rest. Just as the spell reached it's completion, setting Iago free, a lone figure approached the party- Derin, Ander's cousin. Derin's left had was missing, replaced instead with an ancient, evil artifact… the Hand of Vecna. After almost killing Torax with a single spell, Derin accused Ander of abandoning him in a time of need, leaving him to be kidnapped and tortured by Al Nero. He then swiftly attacked Icaria with a savage mace, and disappeared… leaving her dead body behind.

Treebeard acted swiftly, reviving her with powerful magic and healing her wounds before the party fled on the back of Iago. The dark turn of events has left an evil in the air, and the party can only hope it won't follow them to the island…

Del is at level 8, and currently has 2 AP towards level 9.

Ander is at level 8, and currently has 5 AP points towards level 9.

Treebeard is at level 8, and currently has 2 AP towards level 9.

Torax is at level 8, and currently has 5 AP point towards level 9.

Portals and Prisoners

After confirming that the dragonborn cult had Draco and Cedric, most of the party went to try and strike a deal with the necromancer. Torax went his own way to check on Icaria, who was still asleep- but not for long. She mysteriously awoke and attempted to leave the inn, and when Torax tried to stop her he was overcome by a malevolent presence.

The rest of the party found the necromancer just where they left him. He twisted the situation to his benefit, and convinced the party to hand over their instruments and wear charms of silence. Del handed over one of his fake instruments, and Treebeard swapped Del's charm for a fake, enebling him to still cast magic. The necromancer then teleported them to New Loria to retreive the two dragonborn prisoners. They found them both in prison- one still alive, and the other quite dead. Treebeard at this time snapped his charm, breaking the spell on it, before mending it again. The necromancer raised the dead dragonborn with some amusement before again teleporting the group to a large and imposing keep.

Inside the keep was the situation the party saw scryed- a large teleportation circle, three dragonborn mages, Cedric, and Draco. The mages were upset as soon as they saw the Raised dragonborn, starting to argue and fight with the necromancer. In the following commotion, Del ran to the Draco and Cedric after casting invisibility to help pull them out of the circle. Ander helped, and soon the party was in relative safety- Treebeard incapacitated two of the mages, and the necromancer killed the third. He then smiled at the party, delivering a message before disappearing: "Al Pacha sends his regards." He neglected to return the instruments.

Now alone, the party searches the mages and surrounding area. Ander recognizes the keep as one that's on the abandoned island of Sleka, about two days sail from Amila port. Del finds three small dragon figurines on the mages corpses- when touched, he feels a strong presence watching. Draco picks one up curiously and is almost instantly overcome by that same presence, and it's only once he drops the figurine that he regains self control. As they contemplate the figurines, the teleportation circle activates, and Torax, Icaria, and Ea the tiefling shaman appear.

While the party dealt with the necromancer, Ea pulled Torax out of his trance and found Icaria, who had run off. She led them to a church, using one of several teleportation circles there to jump to the island that the rest of the party was on. It would seem she has every intention of joining the party, although her exact motives are unknown. Arriving in this situation, Draco and Torax have a heartfelt (although not slow-mo) reunion, before there is some argument about what to do with the dragon figurines. In the end, all three were destroyed, and Ea brought the party back to port Amila.

Early the next morning Ea led the way to a small peninsula, informing the party that Hector the monster tamer has a way to the island that they can make use of. By the time they arrive to this "transportation", it's mid-morning, the bright light making quite visible formidable defenses…. and a giant, saddled whale.

Del is at level 8, and currently has 0 AP towards level 9.

Ander is at level 8, and currently has 1 AP points towards level 9.

Treebeard is at level 8, and currently has 0 AP towards level 9.

Torax is at level 8, and currently has 1 AP point towards level 9.


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