Island of Averis

Taking the Fort

(And the whale)

With eyes set on a new mode of magical transportation, the party stormed Hector's defenses, easily dispatching minimum-wage guards and ballista.  Minor injuries were sustained by all, including Icaria, but magic soon fixed what a bandage couldn't. Triumphant, Torax spoke with the whale, who introduced himself as Iago. Iago was transformed by Hector years, perhaps decades ago, into his current whale form, and has been bound by magic in his service ever since. In exchange for his freedom, Iago agreed to take the party to Narha- the island of Averis. 

Ea began working a counterspell, giving the party some time to rest. Just as the spell reached it's completion, setting Iago free, a lone figure approached the party- Derin, Ander's cousin. Derin's left had was missing, replaced instead with an ancient, evil artifact… the Hand of Vecna. After almost killing Torax with a single spell, Derin accused Ander of abandoning him in a time of need, leaving him to be kidnapped and tortured by Al Nero. He then swiftly attacked Icaria with a savage mace, and disappeared… leaving her dead body behind.

Treebeard acted swiftly, reviving her with powerful magic and healing her wounds before the party fled on the back of Iago. The dark turn of events has left an evil in the air, and the party can only hope it won't follow them to the island…

Del is at level 8, and currently has 2 AP towards level 9.

Ander is at level 8, and currently has 5 AP points towards level 9.

Treebeard is at level 8, and currently has 2 AP towards level 9.

Torax is at level 8, and currently has 5 AP point towards level 9.


Raynam Raynam

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