Island of Averis

Arrival on Narha

Iago takes a nap

After a day of inter-planar travel, the party emerged above Narha, the island of Averis. A beautiful crescent-moon shaped land mass, it became clear the Narha was much larger than anyone had previously assumed, presenting a wide variety of terrain- including mountains, deserts, and plains. Iago began to sink, due to his exhaustion, and it was quickly decided that he should land near a small peninsula between the mountains and plains. 

With no map, the party was forced to pick blindly where to go- or at least, without confirmation of any solid locations. Icaria used her ability of flight and claimed to see a village south in the plains, while Del grew uncomfortable and tried to persuade the party to go northwest towards the mountains instead. A debate ensued, during which Ander attempted to sneak away. Icaria caught him before he made twenty paces, clutching his hand and begging him not to go. He admitted that he felt his presence was endangering the party, but Treebeard and Torax also protested his departure- and so he was convinced to stay, for now.

Del would not be convinced to head south, where he explained the Capital, and his father, resided. He, Cedric, and Ea opted to head to the mountains while the rest of the party went south, with the plan to rejoin at this peninsula in a week or two. Iago stayed behind to rest, and plans to circle the island until he rejoins the party (hopefully).

The village Icaria noticed was a few days walk away, but the party encountered no troubles and it was almost a pleasant journey, aside from Ander's sullen and withdrawn state. The village, Prin, was quickly recognized as a shepard town- sheep flocked the plains around wood-carved buildings, and while the population largely consisted of elves the unusual party was welcomed with open arms. An innkeeper named Liadel was especially welcoming, explaining that travelers are very rare anywhere on the island. The party made themselves comfortable, integrating well with the people, and gave a sweeping performance once evening fell that made them fast celebrities.

The following morning, the mayor of Prin approached the party and requested that they perform again at a festival that would occur that same day around noon. The party accepted, although after some discussion with other residents of the village they found that no one had heard of this festival previously. Suspicions raised, the party still went ahead with the plan to perform, although they kept a sharp eye out for any kind of attack. 

Despite their hectic morning, the villagers seemed to enjoy this festival, losing themselves in the dancing and music with laughter and smiles. Only Icaria and Treebeard noticed as a mysterious thumping began to cause small tremors in the ground. The two quickly arranged for a change of musicians, and soon the party set out to discover the source of the noise while the festivities continued without them. 

The thumpings were coming from the east outskirts of the town, towards the nearest coast. Past the homely buildings a graveyard quickly came into view, where a large and elaborately carved obelisk was broken open at the base. Rushing forward, the party saw two masked figures in a short tunnel, breaking open the rock seal that protected the tombs below. Torax wasted no time in firing his clawshot at the smaller of the two figures- unfortunately, his shot was too powerful and it killed the smaller man on impact. The other figure was so surprised at the intrusion that he slipped and smashed his own face with his sledgehammer, also dying instantly. 

After a moment of quiet shock the party removed the masks of the intruders, revealing the mayor and an unknown man. After a short debate, Icaria confessed she could sense evil from the tomb. Treebeard wanted to explore the dark tunnel, while Torax and Draco adamantly refused due to a previous track record of "creepy holes in the ground". Eventually Treebeard was convinced, and Torax left to retrieve Liadel and show him what had happened.

Liadel brought help to fill in the tomb, repairing the stone with magic, and thanked the party thoroughly. The obelisk was revealed to be a resting place for great leaders of Prin, buried with their magic items. Liadel told the party that the mayor's corpse would not be laid to rest in this tomb, and as a reward gave them horses to use on their travel to the capital the next morning. He also passed on the advice that the party should seek the help of the king, speaking highly of him and recounting how he has helped even the lowest citizens with their problems.

The previously unheard of festival was adopted as a new celebration of life, in honor of the celebrity party of bards (and their deeds). Liadel was named the new mayor, and as they set out the next morning for the capital, all seemed bright for our party…

Del is at level 8, and currently has 3 AP towards level 9.

Ander is at level 9, and currently has 2 AP towards level 10.

Treebeard is at level 8, and currently has 7 AP towards level 9.

Torax is at level 9, and currently has 1 AP towards level 10.


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